Monday, December 30, 2013

Arnold-Chiari malformation

Have you ever wondered how an underwriter would look at Arnold Chiari malformation?  Never?  Fair enough – neither have I.

I would be willing to guess that you have wondered how an underwriter would look at your client’s diabetes, or stroke or epilepsy.  As you are aware, when a situation arises and your client tells you that they have a health history, the first thing you should do is call our office and ask how the underwriter would look at the situation.  You are already aware that there is a library of underwriting questionnaires on our website.  It is always a good idea to find the appropriate questionnaire, download it and gather all of the information to give to us before you call.  The more info the better the quote.


When you call Lane or me and give us all of the information, we will diagnose the case and run an illustration based on the facts that you gave us.  When we have good input we are right 90% of the time and this allows you to QUOTE and DELIVER the same rate.  This is ability to diagnose a case is a big plus to everyone involved.  If we can’t find the answer to your question in our underwriting system, we will reach out to one of our underwriters and ask them for direction.  Generally we can deliver an informed answer to you in 30 minutes or less!


A good situation just got better!  The information you need to understand the underwriting position of Arnold Chiari malformation and almost any other impairment is now at your fingertips.  We have just added Underwriting 101 to our website.  Now you can look up the impairment and educate yourself on the condition and find out how the underwriters at one of the nation’s leading companies will look at it.  The even better news is that this diagnosis of the condition is good at many of the companies that we represent.  We may even have a company that will look on the situation more favorably.  In any case – you will be able to get a head start in the underwriting process because you are better prepared.  When the case presents itself, you can study the condition, download the appropriate underwriting questionnaire from our library and go to work.


The experience that Lane and I have in the impaired risk field can make the difference in whether or not you are able to place a case.  When the situation arises – call us first!  We will work hand in hand with you to find a home for the case you worked so hard to get.
Thank you!

Don Boozer

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