Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Occasionally we get a request for a ‘kid’s policy’ for someone’s child or grandchild and the agent is looking for a ‘standalone’ policy in instead of a term rider on the parent’s policy.  When we get these requests, we go immediately to the Children’s Whole Life Insurance from United of Omaha.  We are particularly fond of this product because;

1)    Available for ages 14 days to 25 years
2)    Available in face amounts of $5,000 to $30,000
3)    Additional policies may be purchased in the future without evidence of insurability
4)    Level premiums for the life of the policy (matures at age 100)
5)    Simplified application
6)    No medical underwriting and limited health questions
7)    Builds cash values
8)    Rates NEVER increase with age
9)    Benefits NEVER decrease


The attached Children’s Whole Life brochure can be handed (or mailed) to a parent or grandparent and they can calculate the rate themselves.  The one page application can be completed in a couple of minutes and that makes this product one that you will want to keep on your desk and ready to present.


Mutual of Omaha / United of Omaha has a 97% name recognition among your policyowners!   Your clients will immediately recognize the name and think of Wild Kingdom.  In addition to this product, Mutual of Omaha offers a complete line of universal life and term life products that are very competitive in the marketplace.  They also offer some of the best underwriting in the country.

Give us a call for marketing material and illustrations - and,thank you for your business!

Don Boozer
Don Boozer & Associates

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Products and Markets

In this ever changing environment it is not easy to remember which products are designed for what marketplace.  Today I am going to try to simplify this process for the life products offered by Protective Life.


As most of you know, Protective is one of the companies that puts their term plans on a UL chassis.  We are told that the reason for this is that the company is able to deliver the product at a cheaper rate than they could on a true term platform.  In the case of Protective Life – the term(?) product is called the Custom Choice UL.  As advertised, this product will nearly always pop up on the ‘Top 3’ when you are comparing term plans against the competition.  Many times – it will pop up in the Number 1 position.  This product is guaranteed convertible for the length of the guarantee period of the term not to exceed 20 years and age 70.  This product is convertible (exchangeable)  to the Advantage Choice UL and the Pro-Classic Universal Life products without evidence of insurability.  Issue ages 18-75.  The minimum face amount allowed on this product is $100,000.

ADDED BENEFIT:  This product has an added benefit that I really like.  At the end of the ‘guarantee period’ the death benefit reduces and the premium remains the same.  On most plans – the death benefit stays the same and the premium multiplies tenfold.  The only two companies that we represent that offer this ‘kinder, gentler’ option are Protective and Lincoln National.


In this case the product is still the Custom Choice UL.  You just illustrate it showing the length of time you want to guarantee the premium.  In most cases – unless you ask me to do otherwise, I illustrate this product to age 105. When you need to have the absolute lowest premium on your product – many times THIS is the product.  


This product is the Advantage Choice UL.  Only a slightly higher rate than the Custom Choice and it has moderate cash values.  Having cash values offers your client an ‘exit strategy’ that he will not get with the no cash value products.  Ben Feldman used to say, “It is better to have cash than not to have cash.”  It made sense then and it makes sense now.  When you ask me to run a UL illustration for you and when the prospects are 55 or younger – generally I will run THIS product – simply because it is not much more money and it has the exit strategy.  The minimum face amount on this product is $50,000 and it is issued between ages 18 and 85.


Protective Life has just introduced their Indexed Choice UL product and it is a good one!  We have 6 companies that offer an Indexed UL product.  As this type of product gains in popularity so do the offerings from the companies.  Approximately 40% of all UL sales are indexed products.  If you have not been selling IUL because you don’t understand it – this is the product to start with (and possibly to stay with).  It is very easy to understand and there are not a lot of ‘moving parts’ to confuse you and your clients.  Where this product beats the rest is in the costs and fees associated with it.  The insurance costs are lower than the competition – which means that more of the client’s money will be going to fund the cash values!

The only real difference between the fixed UL and the indexed UL is the way the company credits the interest!

Today more than ever, your clients are going to need help building their retirement nest-egg.  This product is ideal for building a cash fund that can provide a ‘tax free income’ to your clients when they retire and keep paying it until they die!  You may have a client who will not pay $100 per month for life insurance but would willingly put $500 per month into a retirement plan.  We can illustrate it for you.

If you have a prospect who is self-employed and is earning a nice income,  you can help them set up their own supplemental retirement plan that offers them the opportunity to share in the gains in the stock market but offers them a guarantee that their money will NEVER earn less than 1.00%.  There is NO DOWNSIDE RISK to them.

Call us today and let us run illustrations for you on any of these great products.

Thank you for your business.

Don Boozer
Don Boozer & Associates

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Don't just rope the moon, INSURE YOUR LOVE!

Life® Foundation's Insure Your Love campaign is here.

Download agent resources, as well as pre-approved social media content from the LIFE Foundation (click here) to use throughout the month of February.

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Don't just rope the moon, INSURE YOUR LOVE!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Lane Boozer, 2014 President NAIFA Texas

 In the 89 year history of NAIFA–Texas, there have only been 3 times where a father and son have both served as president - Lane Boozer (2014) and Don Boozer (1985-86). 

On February 1, 2014, Lane Boozer was installed as the 89th president of NAIFA-Texas.  In a ceremony conducted by the NAIFA-National President all of the officers were installed for the coming year. When Boozer’s turn came, the podium was turned over to Don Boozer the 61st president of the organization.  In his remarks, he explained the pride that he had with the opportunity to install his son as the group’s leader. 

After installing Lane as President, Don retrieved an item from his pocket.  It was a ‘badge’ that he had been given 28 years ago by his son when Don was installed as the president of what was then known as the Texas Association of Life Underwriters.

 Lane was attending a scout camp in Philmont New Mexico the summer of the installation while working toward his Eagle Scout designation.  He traveled to Texas for the opportunity to celebrate with his father and hand him a badge that read engraved with the word “Prez.”

Lane has served on the board of directors for NAIFA Texas, he has held every office of the organization and he has served as the chairman and moderator for the Texas Leaders in Life Insurance program.  He is the Marketing Vice President of Don Boozer and Associates.  He is also the father of Don’s cherished granddaughter, Addison.