Thursday, March 1, 2012

Don Boozer is now a contributor on

Don Boozer is now a contributor on, the leading website for insurance and financial professionals.

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Why Choose Standard on Term

One of the biggest mistakes that we make as agents is assuming that our clients can get the "superman" rate on term insurance. Only about 25% of the people that apply get the super preferred rate. That means that the odds are 75% against them! Who would bet those odds?

If I have exceptionally healthy prospects, I always quote them 'preferred' and tell them that when the exam and medical records arrive - they could get a lower rate - BUT that we won't know until then.

If you quote a client a 'super preferred' rate just because that is the rate they saw on the internet - you are doing them an injustice. Ask the questions before you quote them and quote them correctly - then tell them WHY you quoted them that way. Everyone will be happier in the long run! 

Why Choose Standard on Term

What do you want?

When you want to:
        Compare Top FIXED rates
        Compare Income Riders
        Compare Products
        Compare top SPIA rates

When you need:
        Access to hundreds of products
        Access to all the top annuity carriers
        Access to client marketing material, presentations and worksheets
        Access to illustrations, brochures, guides and forms

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·        Best SPIA PAYOUTS
·        Premium Bonus Annuities
·        The Best Income Riders in the Industry
·        The Highest Fixed Rates
·        Annuity for Medicaid Planning
·        Annuity with up to 45% Bonus on Benefit Base GMWB Rider
·        Age Rated/Impaired Risk Annuities – top carriers
·        Deferred Annuities with no maximum issue age
·        LTC Annuities – Single or Joint Life
·        LTC Annuity for Qualified and Non-Qualified Funds
·        LTC Annuity with No Medical Questions or Underwriting

Looking for?

·        Easy 10-minute life app, in person or over the phone
·        170% commission products
·        Table 4 to Standard, no exam
·        NON SMOKER RATES for Chewers, Dippers, Cigars, Pipes - even if insured tests positive for nicotine
·        Coverage that requires no medical exam, NO blood NO Urine
·        Lowest Cigarette Smoker Rates
·        Final Expense Plans
·        Group Benefits
·        Guarantee Issue Plans
·        Coverage for Diabetics
·        Preferred rates for sleep apnea
·        Coronary Artery Disease
·        Height and Weight: generous build charts
·        Senior Underwriting: liberal guidelines for blood pressure, cholesterol and build
·        Non-med 66 and older, any face amount
·        Competitive Juvenile Plans
·        Preferred rates for Foreign Travel
·        Mild Asthma clients may be eligible for Preferred
·        Preferred rates for cholesterol or hypertension
·        Blood Pressure control credit treated or untreated of 130/80 or better
·        Preferred rates for occasional scuba divers

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