Friday, September 30, 2011

3.75% fixed annuity rate for 5 years Now Approved in Texas!

 3.75% Guaranteed for 5 Years
3.85% Guaranteed for 7 Years
4.15% Guaranteed for 10 Years
Single Premium Deferred Annuity
Qualified or Non-Qualified
Issue Ages 0 to 90

Optional Riders:
Preferred 10.00% withdrawal
Terminal Illness/Nursing Home Care
72 9(t) free withdrawal
Death benefit Feature
Accumulated interest withdrawal 

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Finally Fantastic Fixed Rates in Florida!

One of the highest multi-year rate guarantees currently available

Issue ages 0 - 80
True 7-year "walkaway“

Consumer friendly liquidity features available in most states
10% free withdrawals of the accumulated value after first year
5-year annuitization without penalty available after 2nd year
100% Accumulation value paid at death of annuity owner
Charges waived for withdrawals due to confinement and terminal illness
Interest rate subject to change without notice. 
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