Friday, November 22, 2013

“Sell the sizzle – not the steak.” An excellent LTC alternative!

If you have been the business of selling long enough, you have heard the expression, “Sell the sizzle – not the steak.”  If you have ever been to a good steak restaurant you fully understand the statement.  Your hear the sizzle and your mouth waters.  However, selling steaks to hungry people is pretty easy.  On the other hand, selling a non-tangible product that’s benefit will never be seen during a person’s lifetime is another matter indeed.

People are living longer today than they were even 20 years ago.  With that longevity comes another set of problems.  Now you are trying to sell a product to someone that might not pay out for 40 or more years.  However during that 40 years, the insured faces another potential financially crippling situation.  As a person ages, the time will come when most people will need some help in completing their daily activities.  In fact, the statistics say that 70% of your clients will need help as they get older.  That assistance can be in-home care or care in an inpatient facility – but they will need assistance.  The question is – who will pay for it and where will they get the money?


Protective Life has a product that not only offers a death benefit . . . but offers the added benefit of being able to use the death benefit before you die!  The ExtendCare Rider can be added to the Protective Custom Choice UL or the Protective Advantage Choice UL.  This rider is basically a ‘chronic illness rider’ that is triggered when a person is no longer able to perform any two of their normal activities of daily living (bathing, toileting, eating, dressing, transferring and continence).   At that occurrence, the insured will be able to access their death benefit and receive up to $9600 per month to aid them in their upkeep – or for any other reason.  This is SIZZLE.  This product pays if you live or if you die and is an excellent LTC alternative.

You have clients that can’t picture themselves dead, but they can picture themselves dependent on their family and friends.  This is the product that will make them sit up and take notice.

ILLUSTRATION AND FAQ SHEETS provided upon request!

If you would like us to run some illustrations for you – let us know.  We will try to get them to you within 30 minutes of the time you ask.  This is the product that you have been looking for to use with the guy that doesn’t think he is going to die – but understands that he is not getting any younger.

Thank you!

Don Boozer

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