Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kick Butt UL Product


You see us advertising the Number 1 UL Product from time to time.  We are promoting what we believe to be the across the board – most competitive UL product (based on lifetime rate guarantees).  This product is not offered by a company that you normally encounter.  However, the company is a very large – very strong company.  The company has the strongest financials in the industry . . . better than ANY other company.  In the words of one of my old time agents from Oklahoma, they are “Cleaner than a Safeway Chicken.”

In addition, this excellent product is available for a NO UNDERWRITING exchange or conversion for term or UL products issued since November 20, 2008 (there is a list of acceptable companies – but most name brand companies are on the list).  If you are not replacing a product issued in the past 5 years or if you are writing a new product, this excellent product could be the one to beat the competition and get YOU the case!


These days there are a lot of companies that offer a “chronic illness rider” and all of them are good.  However, unlike all of the other chronic illness riders, this one does NOT require that the symptoms do NOT have to be permanent for the benefit to be paid.  PLUS – this chronic illness rider is approved for sale in Florida and California!  That is a BIG deal if you live in one of those states.


This product also offers a loan rescue program.  If you have a policy inforce with an outstanding loan that is killing it. THIS product will allow you to move the loan to the new policy.  Many times – this will SAVE the policy.


We have an agent whose client has an American General Policy that is cratering.  The woman is 71 years old and a preferred non tobacco user.  We quoted 3 companies for her.  Here are  the numbers – and these are not unusual;

Protective Life         $218.41 per month
North American        $202.44 per month
Symetra                   $158.00 per month

Because there is limited distribution for the Symetra product (we are one of the few agencies who have it), you can be the first agent in your area to sell this great product.  Another benefit of this product is that the application is MUCH shorter than most companies (usually 10-12 pages).  Call us and let us illustrate this product for you.  We will both be glad that you did.

Thank you!

Don Boozer

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