Monday, July 2, 2012

An Opportunity in the Life Insurance Market

Studies tell us that the average life insurance salesperson is 56 years old.  Imagine that!  In a few years we will be extinct.  That doesn’t mean that no life insurance being sold – it is.  It is being sold by banks, multi-line companies, financial advisors and what is left of the once pulsating field force of life insurance salesmen.

This phenomenon is occurring primarily because several years ago the life companies decided that it was just too expensive to grow agents anymore.  The companies found that they could no longer afford the investment required to hire someone off the street and turn them into life insurance salesmen.  As companies gradually withdrew from the agent growing business, the brokerage market took hold and the life brokers basically started the practice of trading agents.  Today, there are not enough agents to make that feasible any longer. 

Coming back to today, we find that the health insurance agents are finding the ObamaCare noose tightening around their neck and robbing them of their marketplace. 

Now let’s consider the situation as a whole; Health insurance agents are losing their marketplace.  Life insurance companies are in serious need of agents who can sell life insurance.  On the surface, there seems to be a perfect fit! 

If you are a health producer who is concerned about the future market, give us a call!  We have a full range companies that offer competitive products designed especially for your marketplace! 

Don Boozer

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