Monday, June 18, 2012

Tax Deferred Interest - Tax Free Benefits!

"Mr. Prospect, if I can show you a way to double the amount of money that you leave to your kids, grand-kids, church or favorite charity - and you maintain complete control of 100% of your assets, could I have 15 minutes of your time?" 


Flexible or Single Premium Life Product

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

Tax Free Long Term Care Benefits

Tax Free Death Benefits

Adult Day Care

Home Health Care Benefits

Chronic Illness Benefits

No deductible or waiting period

NO Blood - NO Urine - NO Exam


Clients receive income tax-free reimbursements, of significantly more value than the premium paid, for qualified long-term care expenses. This gives your client more buying power for long-term care needs.


Cancel any time, Money Back Guarantee


If your client never needs long-term care or doesn’t use all of their long-term care benefit, a death benefit is paid to beneficiaries income tax-free.

Let’s review a self-insuring scenario involving a female nonsmoker, age 60.

She has $100,000 in a CD. In her mind, this CD is stashed away for a rainy day. If she needs long-term care, she will use it.

By self-insuring she has:

         Control of her assets, but this is a low-interest rate environment

         No additional premiums to pay, but she also has limited funds  available for long-term care

         Assets for her children if she does not use the money, however, she should consider taxes, and what would happen to other legacy assets if more care is needed

         The only risk she considers is "Will this be enough to pay for long-term care expenses?”

Now, let’s see what happens if the same client uses $100,000 to purchase this single premium policy.

With her policy, she will:

         Always maintain control of her assets with a money back guarantee

         Have no additional premiums to pay

         Have assets for her children if she does not use the money because her policy pays an income tax-free death benefit to her beneficiaries

         If she needs long-term care, her LTC benefits are worth multiple times her premium outlay

$100,000 single premium policy = $166,766 Income Tax Free Death Benefit or $500,298 Income Tax Free Long Term Care Reimbursements = $6,949/month or $$83,383/year

Why not explore ALL of your clients options, every time?

Give us a call and we will work with you to maximize every dollar for every client, every time!


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