Monday, February 3, 2014

Lane Boozer, 2014 President NAIFA Texas

 In the 89 year history of NAIFA–Texas, there have only been 3 times where a father and son have both served as president - Lane Boozer (2014) and Don Boozer (1985-86). 

On February 1, 2014, Lane Boozer was installed as the 89th president of NAIFA-Texas.  In a ceremony conducted by the NAIFA-National President all of the officers were installed for the coming year. When Boozer’s turn came, the podium was turned over to Don Boozer the 61st president of the organization.  In his remarks, he explained the pride that he had with the opportunity to install his son as the group’s leader. 

After installing Lane as President, Don retrieved an item from his pocket.  It was a ‘badge’ that he had been given 28 years ago by his son when Don was installed as the president of what was then known as the Texas Association of Life Underwriters.

 Lane was attending a scout camp in Philmont New Mexico the summer of the installation while working toward his Eagle Scout designation.  He traveled to Texas for the opportunity to celebrate with his father and hand him a badge that read engraved with the word “Prez.”

Lane has served on the board of directors for NAIFA Texas, he has held every office of the organization and he has served as the chairman and moderator for the Texas Leaders in Life Insurance program.  He is the Marketing Vice President of Don Boozer and Associates.  He is also the father of Don’s cherished granddaughter, Addison.

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