Thursday, December 5, 2013

It is E&O Renewal Season!

Last year we added a new producer benefit to our website but we added it after the season had passed.  Most of us have our E&O renewal at the end of the year and we added the benefit in March.  BUT this year – we still have the same low rate and you can save money on your E&O by shopping on our website.

$1 Million Per Claim – As Low as $435!

Our coverage is offered by CalSurance, the leading provider of E&O coverage in America.  Last year I paid $685 for the same coverage through the program offered by one of our companies.  This year I am going to buy it here and save!

We have deductibles as low as $500 and a maximum aggregate up to $3 Million!  We offer full coverage for all companies for life, disability, health, Medicare Supplements, Fully Insured Groups, Accident Plans, LTC (and Annuities on level II).  We don’t have coverage for P&C and securities sales.

Fast – Easy-to-Obtain Coverage!

You can apply online on our website.  There is a simple one-page enrollment form; no multi-page application required!  You can print off your certificate immediately after your enrollment. 

When You Receive Your E&O Renewal Notice – GO SHOPPING! You can see a complete breakdown of coverage and costs HERE.   

Thank you!

Don Boozer

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