Monday, July 16, 2012

The Role of Life Insurance in Retirement Planning

"Did you know that cash value life insurance is the only financial product with the flexibility to provide benefits if you die, if you become disabled or if you live to retirement?"

"If something happens to you during your working years, how will your family replace your earning power?"

"If, as is likely, you live to retirement, will you have sufficient retirement income to replace your earning power?"

Are you asking the right questions? Are you presenting Life Insurance in Retirement Planning for EVERY client? Do you need resources to assist you with your presentation?

Click here to download your FREE copy of this 10 page client presentation tool that will help you share the value and importance of Life Insurance in Retirement Planning.

And, give us a call and allow us to guide through the many options available to your clients.

We represent 50+ carriers and are always happy to research them all to ensure that you have all of best options at hand for every client, every time!

This presentation covers the following topics:

Your Earning Power
Sources of Retirement Income
Important Facts About Social Security Retirement Benefits
Potential Solution for a Lifetime…Cash Value Life Insurance
Cash Value Life Insurance and Retirement Planning
Features of Cash Value Life Insurance
Tax Issues
Types of Cash Value Life Insurance
Important Information

Call us today and learn how Life Insurance in Retirement Planning 
can help you take care of clients 
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