Friday, December 9, 2011

Take your next Life Application over the phone

What do you get when you have;

1)   The lowest term rates in the industry, and
2)   A TWO PAGE application process that saves time and money for everyone?

You have two great reasons to submit your next term case to Genworth!  Why fill out a 25+ page application when you don’t need to?  Why not let someone else take the responsibility for getting all of the questions answered, getting all of the signatures and ordering the exam? You can do all of that with the amazing LQR (Life Quick Request) system from Genworth.

Term insurance has become a commodity – whether we like to admit it or not.  It is sold by the agent to the client based on how much it costs.  This process takes it one step further.  The premiums have dwindled over the past decade and as a result – so have the commissions.  This great system brings the cost of taking the application down to almost nothing!  Now you can put the profit back into this transactional sale!

Contact us today to get set up and start taking apps over the phone! 

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