Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Potentially the BEST Income Guarantees

Did you know you can now offer your clients potentially
the BEST Income Guarantees available today?

Give your clients one of two options that will automatically provide them with a
Guaranteed Lifetime Income  - from day ONE!
…your client is age 65 and
you can guarantee 6% on her fixed annuity income bucket for life
... AND her money is not locked up, it's still in play.

Option 1:
Designed for clients who want income within 3 years
Guaranteed Income from Day One

Industry leading Bonus to the Benefit Base - up to 45%
Flexibility to elect income immediately

Option 2:
Designed for clients planning to delay income for 3 or more years
14% simple roll-up to benefit base for first 10 contract years

Increase benefit base by 140% after 10 years!
Provides future income predictability

When do your clients plan to retire?
How do they plan to fund their retirement?
Are they confident they have enough income?

With one the highest GMWB riders on the market -
AND a Guaranteed Death Benefit, great commissions and 
protection from Market Loss
- why not tell your clients about this today?

Call Ingrid Huddleston for more information

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