Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did You Know...There are times when an Income Rider out performs a SPIA?

SPIAs vs. Income Riders

When it comes to immediate income for your clients, consider all options. With our vast industry access, we represent all of the top carriers providing Single Premium Immediate Annuities, along with all of the top Income Riders on Single Premium Deferred Annuities. Couple this with our desire to seek out the best option for you and your client, you can rest assured that we will compare all the income options.

In several cases we have found Income Riders on certain products provide a higher income than that of an Single Premium Immediate Annuities. Not only will your clients benefit from a higher income, income riders will also provide the security of a death benefit (depending on the principal) and flexibility of account and pay out options. And, you will benefit from higher commissions!

Give us a call as you research the immediate income options on your next case and 
we will provide you with an
Income Rider Comparison and all of the top Single Premium Immediate Annuities. 

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