Friday, September 30, 2011


When you want to:
Compare Top FIXED rates
Compare Income Riders
Compare Products
Compare top SPIA rates
When you need:
Access to hundred’s of products
Access to all the top annuity carriers
Access to client marketing material, presentations and worksheets
Access to illustrations, brochures, guides and forms
Call Us and You will have access to ALL this and more:
Premium Bonus Annuities
The Best Income Riders in the Industry
The Highest Fixed Rates
Annuity for Medicaid Planning
Annuity with up to 45% Bonus on Benefit Base GMWB Rider
Age Rated/Impaired Risk Annuities – top carriers
Deferred Annuities with no maximum issue age
LTC Annuities – Single or Joint Life
LTC Annuity for Qualified and Non-Qualified Funds
LTC Annuity with No Medical Questions or Underwriting

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